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“30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan is still out there cracking jokes and generally enjoying his life of luxury cars and comedy. Thus seems unremarkable until you think back to 2014, when Morgan was severely injured in an automobile collision that killed his friend and collaborator, James McNair. After being in a coma for eight days, Morgan had to go through extensive physical therapy to learn how to walk and speak again. There were doubts as to whether he would ever make it back to comedy. When you factor in all of that, it’s truly incredible that Morgan doesn’t seem to have lost a step.

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In this interview with the New York City radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Morgan discussed how his perspective has changed as a result of the accident and how he feels more in touch with the important things in his life, like his family. The most remarkable thing about the interview though, is that Morgan’s instinct for comedy has not been diminished by his struggles and recovery. He can still get a laugh as effortlessly as ever.

Enjoy the sports cars Tracy. You deserve them.

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