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“Welcome to the second, and worst ever, Presidential Debate.”

That’s how Cecily Strong opened last night’s ‘SNL,’ and oh, was it a sign of things to come. From the shots of whiskey Anderson Cooper (new featured player Alex Moffat) and Martha Raddatz (Strong) took to open the forum, to Alec Baldwin’s comedy-as-public service version of Donald Trump’s cluelessness (“I love the kids,” he replies to a question. “I love them so much, I’d marry them.”), this cold open hit all of the same ridiculous notes this past week has.

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When Kate McKinnon-as-Hillary Clinton was answering questions, Alec Trump-win stalked her like prey, a mirror image of his inspiration. But the soundtrack to this hunt? Music from “Jaws,” oh-so-perfectly fit the mood. The whole sketch is hilarious and on point, but so is the portrayal of America’s newest sweetheart. That’s right, we’ve entered the Bone Zone.

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Bobby Moynihan plays Ken Bone like that big guy at the back of the hockey arena who takes his shirt off and dances whenever his team scores a goal — in a word, perfectly. The whole sketch is an absurdist fever dream, but so is this election season.

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