Have you ever thought you lost something, only to realize you had it all along?

Diara captured footage of her little brother, Aidan Walker, freaking out poolside, complaining that he “lost” his blue googles. Aiden can be seen trying find the googles he thinks are missing. Diara tells Aidan to touch the top of his head, not even acknowledging the fact they are sitting there.

Just take a look at the fabulous video Diara tweeted:

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Later, Aidan finally realizes his goggles are on his head, puts them on and prepares to hop back in the pool.

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Let’s face it — we can all relate in one way or another!

(H/T: Mashable)

Watch a little boy hilariously try to find the goggles that are sitting right on top of his head @WalkerDDanger/Twitter Screenshot
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