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In this College Humor video — originally posted to their website way back in 2010 — we get a glimpse into an alternate universe — A universe where the once-popular MTV show “Jackass” was made by a group of rowdy ladies, as opposed to a bunch of rambunctious bros.

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“Jackass For Girls” is an insightful parody that features a variety of female-specific stunts, such as “Burning Your Temple With a Curling Iron,” “Shaving Without Water or Shaving Cream” and “Giving Birth.” It’s all incredibly gross, and it only gets grosser when the ladies start spontaneously vomiting.

Norman is a tall stand-up comedian from the mean streets of London, England. He has performed at several prestigious venues in his brief career, including (but not limited to) The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, The Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin, and a Hooters in St. Louis. His festival ...Read more
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