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There exists such a thing as the perfect “SNL” sketch. In its 42 years, “Saturday Night Live” has put forward some pretty notable characters and sketches, but there is a sketch that is so great that even the seasoned cast members that never break get a case of the giggles.

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“Debbie Downer” is the classic character played by Rachel Dratch, where the only joke is that Dratch has to deliver the darkest lines she can, each of them followed by a low trombone “wah-wah” that punctuates every awful sentence.

The cast, consisting of notorious breakers Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz alongside Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler and guest host Lindsay Lohan, valiantly tries to keep it together as Dratch delivers dark lines with straight looks to the camera.

“Tigger hugged me at the door, and I thought I might cry!” says Lohan.

“I guess Roy isn’t doing as well as they first thought,” says Dratch.

“What? Who’s Roy?” asks Poehler.

“Roy, of Siegfried and Roy. He was attacked by his Tiger and suffered devastating injuries,” Dratch replies.

The family tries to enjoy themselves at Disney World, but they keep getting sidetracked with Debbie Downer’s interjections about mad cow disease, feline aids, terror attacks and probably the most famous:

“By the way, it’s official,” says Dratch. “I can’t have children.”

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