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Jimmy Fallon managed to land The Roots as his in-house band for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” a bit of luck that he shows off whenever he can.

In the latest “Freestylin’ with The Roots,” Fallon goes around his audience and asks for details about them for The Roots to make up freestyle songs about. Black Thought and ?uestlove, the duo whose partnership is at the center of The Roots, flex their improvisational skills as they make up songs about the people Fallon chooses from the audience.

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He finds Kathy, from Charlotte, N.C., who likes ketchup on her hot dogs and hamburgers, and The Roots make it into a John Fogerty-esque song about baseball, hot dogs and the fabric of America.

The real spotlight is on a musician from New York, Hollywood Anderson, who was on “American Idol” season 14; he says that he prefers dogs to cats.

“Loyalty is a must in America, and it’s hard to find,” says Anderson. “So get a dog, because they’re better than Trump.”

Then Anderson breaks out in a duet with Black Thought as they sing about dogs and drop an amazing freestyle in the style of Canadian singer The Weeknd. It’s a must-see.

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