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Given his place in pop culture history as the most lovable Libertarian of all time, it’s no surprise that Americans have been pondering how Ron Swanson would feel about this circus of a presidential election.

As Leslie Knope’s supervisor on the hit show “Parks and Recreation,” Swanson embodied the polar opposite personality of the cheerful, optimistic protagonist. Valuing small government and favoring the privatization of almost everything the government runs, it’s hard to imagine Swanson liking either candidate — and, well, it turns out that that’s absolutely true.

Nick Offerman, who portrayed Swanson’s character to critical acclaim, finally tweeted what the people wanted!

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Regarding Trump that reads:

Ron wouldn’t think much of Trump. First of all, he’s be very sad that a businessman entered politics. Huge step backwards. He had it made in the private sector and he blew it! Doesn’t speak well of his decision making. Second, he went bankrupt 4-6 times, depending on who you believe. Ron does not like businessmen getting bailed out by taxpayers. Third, Trump disrespects women. Ron likes women. Because they are human beings and deserve to be treated with basic dignity. Fourth, his boys are fatuous suck-ups with slick hair.

Regarding Hillary that reads:

Ron would not like Hillary either. She is a career politician. Ron has no love of career politicians. But he would certainly vote Hillary over Trump, if he had to choose between the two. Or he would write in Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson.

So there you have it, the most important endorsement of this election is complete. Swanson for Hillary!

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