Many left-leaning Americans were already looking for a way out of Trump’s America before the election, and this “Saturday Night Live” commercial advertises a different kind of utopian society, one straight out of “The Simpsons Movie”: the Bubble.

“Coming in January 2017,” says Sasheer Zamata, as one of the spokespeople. “The Bubble is a planned community of like minded free-thinkers and no one else.”

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“If you’re an open minded person,” Kyle Mooney continues. “Come here and close yourself in.” Mooney then takes us to an ASPCA puppy adoption drive in what looks like a nice part of Brooklyn. “The Bubble will be a fully functioning city-state,” complete with hybrid cars, used bookstores and small farms with that weird, raw milk. And money’s no good in the Bubble. Instead, residents use the preferred currency of the political revolution: “One favor,” with the face of Bernie Sanders on it.

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Everyone has their own bubbles these days, only with this one, you’d never have to leave.

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