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On Tuesday, Buzzfeed posted a story comparing famous TV shows to hip hop artists, and this got the creative juices flowing.

Everyone knows that the politicians over in DC have been quite the laughingstock recently. So, what if your favorite sitcoms were your favorite politicians? Cue the laughing track.

Seinfeld is Vice President Joe Biden

A show about nothing that can really provide some classic entertainment


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is President Barack Obama

It’s hip, appeals to young people, and you feel racist for not liking it.

Leave it to Beaver is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

It’s smart and has good life lessons, but doesn’t really keep up with the times.

How I Met Your Mother is Sen. Rand Paul (R- KY)

It has really great material, but you should start watching from Day One to really appreciate it.

Two and a Half Men is Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

Nobody really likes it but for some reason it’s stuck around for so many years.

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