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Anesthesia can really screw you up, and no one knows it better than this woman, Paris.

“I love you so much,[…] you should love me too.”

“We just met today,” says her handsome male nurse, Luke, watching over her as she recovers from the sedation.

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The two banter as she proposes to him and offers details of their upcoming nuptials, and they debate the finer points of getting married in a chapel. She sings to the nurse, calling him adorable, the cutest little guy around.

He then sits with her as she freaks out and worries about how she got in the hospital and learning she broke her arm.

Luke should be commended for his professionalism and bedside manner, as he stays with Paris and switches from humoring and keeping her attention away from her injury to trying to keep her calm in a matter of seconds.

The video continues as Paris trying to propose to the nurse. All the while, her family and friends are recording and egging her on as she continues to profess her love for Luke, and he grins as she tries to plan the wedding, including an all blue decoration. She even describes the perfect wedding ring.

“We’re getting married, because I love you and you love me.” Paris slurs out.

“Duly noted.” Luke replies.

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