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Warning: Vulgar content

Ten years ago comedian Jamie Kennedy was performing in California when he was interrupted during his set by a woman who wanted to correct a turn of phrase that Kennedy had used in a story.

Kennedy had been describing his interaction with a waitress in San Jose when he was interrupted by someone who wanted him to know “they’re called servers.”

“Wow, a woman who’s proud to be a waitress,” Kennedy told the audience.

Kennedy then continued his diatribe and corrected himself to refer to the woman as a server.

“I’d like you to serve your mouth shut,” Kennedy responded back.

That moment and many others like it would serve as the groundwork for Kennedy’s 2007 documentary “Heckler,” in which Kennedy confronted his hecklers.

Kennedy recounted the experience when promoting “Heckler” and pointed out that the woman wasn’t even a server.

“I went to a restaurant and it had interesting waitresses and this lady yelled SERVER!….and then we find out she wasn’t even a waitress but a nanny and she wanted me to know the politically correct term for it,” Kennedy said.

“They’re watching something and they say they want to correct that. It’s not a two-way conversation.”

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