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We all love seeing the messy things kids get doused in, especially if it’s something we bet the parents now wish they put on a high shelf. AFV posted a new video showing one little girl who got into her mom’s Vaseline and the hilarity that ensued.

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Looking (somewhat) guilty, the girl and another little lady are asked if they got into the Vaseline. While the other girl looks perfectly clean, the other looks more like a melted wax figure from Madame Tussauds. The Vaseline-drenched tot then takes off into the room, no doubt leaving a snail trail of Vaseline behind.

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As the little lady confirms that she was in the “Vasewine,” the mother is left in awe at the depleted tub of Vaseline on the floor. We sure hope the family didn’t need any petroleum jelly before they got the chance to replenish their Vaseline supply.

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