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These retro Wendy’s training videos are almost excessively educational. If you’ve ever worked in a fast food restaurant, you probably know that the hardest part of the job is dealing with the stupid customers. Making the food and preparing the drinks isn’t that hard — but clearly the big wigs at Wendy’s didn’t get the memo, as these epic retro training videos prove.

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The “Hot Drinks” training video features a rather catchy song that sounds like something Bobby Brown would have made if he understood the complex process of mixing cocoa powder with hot water. It still reeks of a soulless company trying too hard to be cool, but it’s a fun little earworm.

The “Cold Drinks” video, however, is pretty much unbearable. It sounds like a really insincere Banarama song, like something they recorded on a dare.

And Wendy’s is still trying to be cool — they’re one of those companies that tries a little too hard to engage with consumers via Twitter.

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