Leave it to “SNL” to try to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner.

In this cut-for-time skit, Kristen Wiig portrays an odd version of herself, Wisten Kriig, and describes everything that’s on a traditional Thanksgiving table in the absolute weirdest ways possible.

“These are homemade dinner rolls. Thanks, Panera Bread,” she said. “I’m bad.”

Kenan Thompson also made an appearance in the skit as her friend Darnell.

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“Do you like peas?” she asked. “Not me. So these are just birth control pills painted green. Donald Trump can’t take away what he can’t find.”

She continued by introducing a “Tur-Snake-Dog,” a grotesque version of “Turducken.”

Her mashed potatoes came complete with a Mr. Potato Head face and a ham. And of course, that turkey. It was a live turtle that she pulled from the oven.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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