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Let’s be honest, we’ve seen some bad hair color jobs — the kind where the hair color is all wrong for the person’s skin tone. But that doesn’t mean that certain people have to stick to certain hair colors.

Ellebangs, a hairstylist and YouTuber, says anyone can actually look good with any hair color. It’s all about choosing the right shade; it’s just one of those things where the smallest tweak can make all the difference.

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Here are her pro tips for choosing the right hair color:

The most important thing is to match your skin’s warm or cool undertones with the undertones of your hair.

If you have cool tones in your skin, don’t choose a hair color with warm undertones because it will look yellow against your cool skin. Pro tip: If you think your hair looks brassy, use more bronzer on your skin to make your skin warmer to match. Or use purple shampoo to remove the brassiness from your hair.

If you have warm skin tone, you can get away with a lot more warmth in your hair color, which will actually make your skin look like it glows. But you’ll need to avoid cool hair colors, which can make your skin and hair look dull.

To check for your skin tone, look at the skin on the inside of your wrist. If your veins look more blue, you have cool undertones. If they look more green, you have warm undertones. If you can’t really tell, you may have a neutral skin tone. For neutrals, Elle recommends choosing either a cool or warm color scheme and sticking to that in both your hair color and makeup.

Now you can have any hair color you’ve ever wanted without worrying about it looking terrible.

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