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Self-tanner can make a world of difference in the way your skin looks during the winter months. Plus, it’s better than a tanning bed because you can get that sun-kissed skin without exposure to any harmful rays.

But self-tanners have a reputation for looking fake. A bright orange color, dyed hands and splotchy areas can give away your tanning secret.

Once you get the hang of how to apply it correctly, you won’t have any problems maintaining that island glow year-round. Watch to learn exactly how to get an even application that lasts.

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Here are some of her pro-tips:

– Always exfoliate first to get rid of old, dead skin. Dead skin can absorb too much of the tanning lotion, which will create dark spots.

– Apply extra moisturizer to dry skin areas like elbows and knees to allow the tanner to soak in evenly.

– Two coats of tanning lotion will give you more color. Be sure to wait 20 minutes before reapplying. Multiple coats will give you a natural-looking dark tan, rather than picking a color that is too dark for your skin tone.

– Many people recommend tanning at night, but beware of the tanner staining your sheets. Apply it in the morning instead, or get a set of black sheets you won’t have to worry about.

– Alcohol can make your tan splotchy, so double check before you apply another product afterward. Perfume can be a culprit you might not even think about.

– Be sure to pick a tanner with the undertone color that matches your skin to make it look more natural.

Watch for more great tips and get ready to have the perfect winter tan!

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