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Those hailing from older generations might be a little stumped as to why young adults today seem to romanticize the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter is to us what Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Judy Blume were to you.

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It’s much more than fantasy story about a young wizard — it’s about friendship and standing up for your values. Seven books enthralled readers of all ages around the world. Soon, a movie franchise and theme park were constructed. And now, that once trendy series has become a timeless classic.

Kids these days! Lazy, entitled and self-absorbed, amirite? Well, we’re here to remind you – we’re rocking our bad rep just like every generation that came before us (lookin’ at you Baby Boomers and Gen Xers). Kendall and Jessica are here to bridge the Generation Gap and remind you that there’s more that unites us than divides us. Let us be your guides into the crazy lives of your kids and grandkids. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday!

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