The turducken was obviously invented by people who thought they needed more food at Thanksgiving.

If you’re wondering how you could fit anything else onto your holiday table, the answer is simple: stuff it inside the food you are already serving. And were not talking about traditional stuffing. The turducken is a chicken stuffed inside a duck which is then stuff inside a turkey. That’s right, three birds in one. Plus, it also still has regular Thanksgiving stuffing inside. Insanity. Sure, it makes the “light or dark meat?” question a bit more tricky. (But, we would argue, it makes it more delicious.)

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If you heard the turducken hype in years past and are ready to make your own, here’s the fastest way to get it done. This video from BuzzFeed and Armande Ferrante, who won a butchers’ contest for this creation, shows the exact process, step by step.

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