Los Angeles Magazine Senior Food Writer Josh Scherer has gone public with his “shameful secret ingredient” to the best mashed potatoes. Should he even be ashamed?

It’s mayonnaise.

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Potatoes aren’t usually the star of a Thanksgiving plate. They’re complementary, even a little bland on their own. What you add to them is key. Butter is the classic additive, of course; sour cream, cream cheese and yogurt all appear in recipes around this time of year.

Is this fine? A horrifying development? How far can this go — if mayonnaise is fine, is, say, Miracle Whip?

Scherer makes some wild claims in his post. He is likely the first and last person to say “the infinitely smooth, creamy, custardy texture of mayonnaise is basically the texture that all your mashed potatoes should be shooting for.” And he claims there’s “no correct ratio [for mayonnaise], either,” which is patently wrong.

Josh Scherer would have us add mayonnaise to our potatoes until you reach “the mayo breaking point,” wherever that is.

Would you use it? Do you already? Enlighten us.

Food writer loves this addition to mashed potatoes yet also calls it a “real crime” AP Photo/Matthew Mead
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