You probably already figured that Google keeps track of your web searches, but did you know that the Internet giant may be storing recordings of your voice?

We recently discovered these audio files in the My Activity page, which is available at

When you get to the My Activity page, you’ll see a timeline of activity across Google products, including websites you’ve searched and visited, as well as images and videos you’ve viewed.

Your current privacy settings will determine what exactly is displayed on your timeline.

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If you’ve used the “Ok Google” command to conduct voice searches, you’ll want to click on the Voice & Audio Activity tab to listen to the recordings that are stored.

For example, I used the voice-control feature to set a timer on my Android smartphone. Google stored the recording. So when I clicked play, I heard exactly what I said using “Ok Google.”

Here’s how Google explains the audio that it stores:

When you use audio activation commands, such as “Ok Google” or touching the microphone icon, your private Voice & Audio Activity stores some voice and other audio to your account. A recording of the following speech/audio, plus a few seconds before, will be stored.


If you want to delete the audio files, you can do so all at once by navigating to the “Delete activity by” page on the top left of the My Activity page.

Using the drop-down, select “All time” as the date, choose “Voice & Audio” under the product menu and click delete!


Finally, you may want to change your settings to avoid having to go back to the My Activity page and repeat this process again in the future.

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From the navigation bar on the left, click “Activity controls” and then pause “Voice & Audio Activity.”

Here’s what Google says about making this change:

When Voice & Audio Activity is off, voice inputs won’t be saved to your Google Account, even if you’re signed in. Instead, they may only be saved using anonymous identifiers.


Google wants you to know that the information listed on the My Activity page is private.

In addition to the audio files, Google may be keeping records of your past web searches, location history, YouTube views and more. Here’s a step-by-step guide to delete that data as well.

And take this time to run Google’s Privacy Checkup tool to review and adjust your privacy settings.

Google is recording your voice: How to listen to (and delete) the files Associated Press

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