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Pizza and hamburgers could soon be a lot more expensive for some residents of India.

Last week, the state of Kerala, on the country’s southwestern coast, proposed a 14.5 percent “fat tax” on purchases in fast food restaurants, such as Domino’s and McDonald’s.

Kerala is currently second in India in childhood obesity, but it’s likely not due to fast food. According to Quartz, the entire state only has seven McDonald’s and nine Domino’s locations. So the tax’s effectiveness is already debatable.

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However, a recent study by the British Medical Journal found that a tax on unhealthy food could help curb the climbing overall obesity rate, much like the 2009 cigarette tax in the U.S. lead to a sharp decrease in the number of smokers.

So far, the closest an American city has recently come to implementing such a rule is Philadelphia’s soda tax. But it looks like our Big Macs are safe — for now.

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