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The best kind of workout is one that I can do from my living room. It may sound lazy, but you can actually work up a sweat without leaving the couch!

So far, I’ve roped Tyson into demonstrating workouts that you can do on the couch and during commercial breaks. But what if you’re sitting down to watch a movie? Never fear — I have the perfect routine for you!

Do this workout up to three times, making sure you rest between sets:

  • 20 leg swings
  • 20 front kicks

  • 20 punches
  • 40 overhead punches
  • 20 knee taps
  • 20 bicycle crunches

We recommend doing this while watching a romantic comedy or lighthearted movie (or maybe even a horror movie, to take your mind off the scary parts!), instead of something heavy like “The Revenant.”

Once you’ve mastered this, head outside and try my quick fix workout or my easy 15-minute workout. You don’t need any fancy equipment — you don’t even need to leave the house. They’re perfect for busy parents like Tyson and me!

Elissa Benzie About the author:
Elissa is a millennial wife and mom with two toddlers. She's neurotic and disorganized, she's over it and exhausted. But it's OK, that's life! Follow her on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest or Instagram
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