You’re probably aware of the growing online shopping phenomena, but did you know a lot of millennials today are shopping for basic essentials online?

We’re talking real basic — like, toilet paper basic.

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Online retailers like Amazon Prime are seeing a growing demand for basic household items and even groceries.

Really, it comes down to convenience.  Online retailers allow their users to set up a recurring delivery of certain items, making unexpected grocery store runs a thing of the past.

Our parents and grandparents lived in a time without this convenience. The only way to stock up on these everyday essentials was to physically go to the store and buy them.

Shopping online helps us save money and time. If you haven’t given it a shot, try it out!

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Jessica Sooknanan is the Editor of Hot Topics. Hot Topics, a top-rated TV show airing in Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando, wraps the crazy viral stories of the week. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Georgia and joined the Rare team in 2016.
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