Kids driving you crazy? Can’t get them to behave, be quiet or even sit still for five freaking minutes?

Well, no worries, parents. Now you can scare your little buggers into behaving by telling them Santa Claus is always watching and he won’t come down that chimney toting presents if he sees them acting badly. And he will see them, yes he will, with the all-new “Santa Cam.”

What’s the Santa cam, you ask? Good question. According to a report in Huffington Post, a number of online retailers have started selling the device, a high-tech take on the “Elf on the Shelf,” which spies on kids and reports their actions to Santa. This cuts out of the elf thanks to a camera that puts your kids on constant surveillance.

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One of the Santa cams comes with this letter: “This year, I need to keep a very close eye on you all so I’ve installed some cameras that link right up to me at the North Pole.”

Then there’s also the ornament in the tweet above that hides the watchful eye inside.

If that doesn’t scare your kids straight, perhaps nothing will.

Hayley Donaldson created one camera set and believes kids will love it.

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“It’s not something really serious and I think my little boy is going to absolutely love his,” Donaldson told Gazette Live. “He will love that Santa is watching him for real.”

This teacher has taken to wearing the cam like a necklace:

And this kid seems to be pretty cool with the idea of Santa watching her. She tried to talk to him directly though the camera. One day she’ll realize how ridiculous that is, but for now it seems like she’s intent on being good. After all, Santa is watching.

Although, it does make you wonder how Santa knew when kids were acting naughty or nice before, you know, there was camera.

Naughty or nice: Kids are put on notice with the stealthy “Santa cam” always watching Twitter/@8infinitedesign
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