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Characterized by the rise of disco, the 1970s was a funky era filled with bell bottoms, Atari and the feminist movement. People were totally digging wholesome television shows like โ€œHappy Daysโ€ and boogieing to the Bee Gees. If you find yourself longing for this โ€œfar outโ€ decade, help keep the nostalgia alive by giving your child a name from the era.

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Analysts at MooseRoots, a genealogy data site by Graphiq, used data from the Social Security Administration to find the most popular baby names from the 1970s from A to Z. The raddest name of each letter was determined by finding the boys’ and girls’ name with the highest average frequency per million over the entire decade (1970-1979).

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Names on the list like Brian and Christina offer a subtle nod to the decade, but others โ€” like Larry and Wendy โ€” make a bolder statement. Take a look at these 26 groovy names from the 1970s to find one for your little boy or girl.

  • A: Amy and Anthony
  • B: Brenda and Brian
  • C: Christina and Christopher
  • D: Dawn and David
  • E: Elizabeth and Eric
  • F: Felicia and Frank
  • G: Gina and Gregory
  • H: Heather and Henry
  • I: Irene and Ian
  • J: Jennifer and Jason
  • K: Kimberly and Kevin
  • L: Lisa and Larry
  • M: Melissa and Michael
  • N: Nicole and Nathan
  • O: Olivia and Oscar
  • P: Patricia and Paul
  • Q: Qiana and Quincy
  • R: Rebecca and Robert
  • S: Stephanie and Scott
  • T: Tammy and Thomas
  • U: Ursula and Ulysses
  • V: Veronica and Vincent
  • W: Wendy and William
  • X: Xochitl and Xavier
  • Y: Yolanda and Yancy
  • Z: Zoe and Zachary
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