When Amin first laid eyes on Maleeha in the Georgia State University courtyard, his interest was instantly piqued. That first sighting didn’t immediately lead to their happily ever after, but it definitely got the ball rolling.

At the time, Amin was focused on graduating college and wasn’t looking to seriously enter the dating world. He explained that over the few years that followed, he got to know Maleeha as a genuine friend.

“When I saw her in the courtyard, I immediately thought she was cute. My friend said that her name was Maleeha, and that was kind of the start to everything. Later, I found out that we had mutual friends, so naturally, we ran into each other quite often. I really got to know who she was as a person. She was beautiful, but I have never gone off of looks. When I realized that she was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, I knew I had found someone special, but I still wasn’t really ready to completely settle down.”

As Maleeha and Amin’s friendship grew, so did the obvious fact that they were quite compatible. They were at a mutual friend’s cookout when their friendship was pushed past the friend zone.

Maleeha had Amin on her radar and definitely thought he was cute. This information quickly made its way back to Amin, and he knew he had to take a shot. The couple started dating and haven’t stopped since.

Amin didn’t think that he would be tied down so young, but he knew he couldn’t pass up all that Maleeha had to offer.

“I didn’t want to be tied down right after college. I really though that I would be single for a few years, but Maleeha changed my whole perspective on getting into a serious relationship. There was one thing that she said that really opened my eyes. She told me that she wanted me to go to heaven. No one had ever said that to me before. She wanted me to have a beautiful life now and later. It was a powerful thing to hear. I knew I could never let her go after that.”

Their relationship started early and went faster than most. Maleeha explained that they were together less than three months when Amin proposed.

“I told my mom about Amin, but she said she wouldn’t take it seriously until his parents came over with a marriage proposal. Well, the next week, his parents came over! We went really fast, but it has worked out great. Culturally, it wasn’t too abnormal to get engaged so quickly, but compared to American culture, yeah, it was fast. In our culture, if you connect with someone and you can see that you are compatible, why wait? After his parents put in a marriage proposal, I still had to wait and see if my dad would accept. It was about a week later, my dad was actually on a business trip in Pakistan when he accepted the offer. When I got that call, I was thrilled!”

After his parents’ proposal, Amin knew he wanted to have a less traditional proposal for his soon-to-be wife. Maleeha was completely caught off guard by the intimate proposal that Amin was able to pull off.

“At first, Amin told me that he wasn’t going to give me the wedding ring until our wedding. Culturally, it’s not appropriate to wear the wedding ring until after the wedding. I knew it wasn’t his fault, [but] it was making me really upset. I wanted to wear the ring! Well, one night he invited me over to his apartment for a dinner party. When I showed up, I was the first one there. I was confused and I asked where everyone else was, then he got down on one knee and proposed. I just started crying, I was bawling. I was just so incredibly happy. I finally got to wear the beautiful ring he purchased me!”

The couple was married shortly after, and in just a few short months, they will have their first child together. They’re very excited, but also quite nervous. Amin explained that he is constantly reassuring his expecting wife that they are going to be just fine.

“I keep telling Maleeha — well, both of us — that we are going to make so many mistakes. We aren’t going to do everything right, but that isn’t going to define who we are as parents. I’m so excited to hold my son for the first time; we both are. This is going to be such a beautiful chapter of our lives. I am so blessed with everything in my life. I couldn’t be any happier than I am now.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt & Heather Prince with Hybrid Eye Studios, LLC

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