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I’ve turned my entire dining room into a playroom, but my kids still insist on playing inside the tiny kitchen cabinet next to my dishwasher.

So I’ve decided to transform that little space into a “disco” for them.

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First, I cleared all of my husband’s coffee (he really loves coffee!) out of the cabinet. Then I gathered the following:

  • Foam boards (with adhesive backs)
  • Miniature solo cups

  • Hacky Sacks
  • Whoopee cushion
  • Battery-powered lights
  • Tiny rubber duckies
  • Shower poufs
  • Velcro
  • Bathmat
  • Door decal

This little space is so much fun, I want to crawl in there and play! The kids love it, and it allows me to keep an eye on them while I’m cooking. Win-win.

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