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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump still has a lot to say about Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Trump has publicly criticized the trade deal that brought the once AWOL soldier home, freeing him from the Taliban.

At a campaign stop today in Bluffton, S.C., Trump said he would give Bergdahl back to the Taliban.

“We knew that he was a traitor when we made the deal, because we had a general and a colonel go and interview all the people that knew him from his platoon. And we knew he was a traitor. So, why would we make a deal? Let ‘em keep him! I would have said, ‘Keep him. You can have him.’ I’d give him back. I’d actually give him back. I’d fly over and drop him right on top,” Trump said.

In October 2015, Trump called for Bergdahl’s execution. Just last month, Bergdahl’s lawyer said he’s keeping watch on Trump’s statement, as the GOP candidate may face a defamation case “down the road” due to his controversial pronouncements.

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