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President Barack Obama last week traded five Taliban leaders for the return of an alleged deserter being held by the Taliban.

While this exchange was hotly debated around the country, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi remained in a Mexican jail following his arrest and abuse for making a wrong turn and finding himself on a road into Mexico.

Sgt. Tahmooressi was detained for having three licensed firearms in his vehicle yet remains in jail.

The man told the Daily Mail he is frustrated at President Obama’s perceived lack of interest in his case, noting he is still in the Marine Corps reserves and that the president remains his commander in chief.

“I want him to get involved. He was involved in helping to free a prisoner of war and that is how I feel I am being treated,” Tahmooressi told the Daily Mail.

“I am able to cope right now but I want out. This has gone on too long. I am innocent and have done nothing wrong.”

Tahmooressi’s mother mourns for her son, who faces up to six years in prison, and is astonished the president has not intervened despite the public outcry.

She detailed her son’s living conditions, noting he tried to break out but stopped after being fired upon.

“He was stripped naked and chained to a bedpost. When they undid the chains, he was so weak he could not walk. At one point, he was shackled to a bed with a four-point restraint. That is not right. No soldier — no person — should have to endure that sort of treatment,” she said.

Despite support from several lawmakers and millions around the country, Tahmooressi remains in prison, having yet to appear before a court, fighting for his life.

Even if her son is not on the battlefield, Mrs. Tahmooressi can never be at ease.

“All I want is for my son to come home. That is what any mother who has a son in the military wants.”