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A list of military members obtained by ISIS late last year is once again in the headlines following the Paris attacks last week. That list contained details on military members, naming them as ISIS targets.

ISIS reportedly used information obtained from the service members’ own social media accounts. That’s prompted military leaders to remind service members to be vigilant about what they choose to post on social media. They’re warned to keep deployment status, schedules, addresses, and phone numbers off social media.

Reservist and retired police officer, A.J. Matthews, told WTSP that people should rely on common sense.

“Anytime you are posting on social media, you want to make sure you keep anything that’s operationally sensitive off the media. You don’t want to alert anybody as far as what you’re doing, when you’re doing it or how you’re going to do it and of course anything that’s classified,” Matthews said.

Service members are encouraged to check with their branches for their respective social media and operations security policies.

The Navy has created this infographic to plainly explain what’s allowed and what should be kept off social media.

U.S. Navy photo illustration/Released
U.S. Navy photo illustration/Released
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