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Last month, the Navy officially dropped their slogan “a global force for good,” which was found to be hated by much of the Navy community.

They’ve since been on an effort to rebrand themselves, and as a new slogan is yet to be found, the service has been “America’s Navy” in new recruiting efforts.

And their newest recruiting commercial builds on that. While the last commercial, “The Shield,” was notable for dropping the maligned tagline and featured sailors in varying uniforms surrounding a family walking down the street, “Pin Map” aims to show what it is that sailors in the Navy can do.

Aircraft carriers sail through the sea, surrounded by ships and helicopters, as pilots prepare to take off.  Submarines glide stealthily underneath the waves. SEALs conduct a mission on a snowy mountain.  Sailors work to rebuild a community. The one minute spot highlights the variety of missions the Navy takes on, and that they operate on, above, and below the sea.  The map shows that sailors work around the world to protect Americans.

The ad is considered a drastic departure from the “global force for good” commercials, and Navy leaders hope that it will appeal to new recruits, active duty sailors, and veterans alike.

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