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The Democrats are hammering to return to pre-sequester level spending. While money at the Department of Defense has been slashed since the across the board budget cuts took hold, there still seems to be enough resources for environmentally friendly military projects.

The Blaze reports:

The Defense Department has 680 renewable energy projects in the works encompassing all five branches of the U.S. armed forces as part of President Barack Obama’s continuing effort to create a “green” military sustainable by alternative energy sources, TheBlaze has learned.

The 680 projects underway — as well as hundreds of other projects still in the proposal stages — come as the military faces severe budgetary cutbacks, and critics of Obama’s green agenda, including opponents of his recent executive order to “prepare the nation” for the effects of climate change, say it’s part of an overarching agenda that encroaches on civil liberties and puts the nation’s security at risk.

The projects include 357 solar, 29 wind and five other undisclosed endeavors regarding “electricity generation,” according to a document provided by the Defense Department. There are 289 thermal energy projects as well.

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