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Last night, veteran and double amputee Noah Galloway dedicated his samba to his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd. Boyd has enlisted into the military, and the two of them have been apart while she’s been at basic training for the last six months. So for “My Jam” week, the song Galloway wanted to dance to was an easy decision for him: he picked “Homegrown Honey” by Darius Rucker, a song that reminded him of his girlfriend.

The judges praised Galloway’s dance again, but the highlight of his night was yet to come. As Galloway was talking about the dance with co-host Erin Andrews, he got a huge surprise: Boyd was there to see his dance and back from basic training! From then on, nothing else mattered, as the couple laughed, cried, and refused to let go of each other. Even during the other couples’ dances, whenever the camera panned to them, they wouldn’t be separated and Galloway couldn’t keep his eyes off of his girl. As for his dance, Boyd’s score was an easy one, as she proclaimed that it was “an 11 in my book!”

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