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A 9-year-old kid from New Jersey made the catch of his life when he hooked a 600-pound great white sturgeon in Canada, a fish that might actually be older than most people.

Kegan Rothman went on vacation with his dad Dan to Canada and one of their activities was a guided fishing trip on the Fraser River near British Columbia. Dan Rothman and guide Ben Trainer helped the boy reel in the monster fish and even with their assistance it took two hours.

CBC News reported that the fish was eight feet long and weighed in at 600 pounds. Here’s the other thing: it might be more than 75 years old — at least that’s what Trainer told CBC News.


Trainer speculated that the fish could be 75 years old or older considering its size.

They snapped pictures and took a good look at the sturgeon, but released the elder statesmen back into the wild, as required by law.


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