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An obese Canadian man charged with rape has decided to use his micropenis as a legal defense, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Jacques Rouschop, a 44-year-old career thief who was arrested for the choking and rape of two women, has put forward that he could not have committed the crime because of the size of his stomach relative to his penis.

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Rouschop has acknowledged in the case that his appearance has made it difficult to attract women, and that he has purchased the time of sex workers in the past. But the defense claims that because of his weight and micropenis, which measures 2 inches when erect, Rouschop was not physically capable of committing the rapes.

Rouschop claims that the police investigating the case have targeted him due to his being a suspect in the investigation of a murder in 2013.

“He believes he is the subject of a witch hunt,” Natasha Calvinho, Rouschop’s lawyer, told the jury.

“He is far from a perfect man. He has made mistakes. He has committed crimes. He has spent time in jail and has a significant criminal record. He is known to local police and is someone who has been in and out of jail most of his adult life,” Calvinho said.

The defense has also tried to suggest that Rouschop would not have hurt the women, because, rather than being a casual john, he genuinely cared about them.