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Fish are flying in Tallahassee.

Bo and Terry Fountain were having a meeting with their tenants outside when something bizarre fell from the sky — a catfish, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

“We heard a kapow,” Bo Fountain told reporters. “It sounded like a gunshot. Then a catfish landed on the ground.”

Terry believes birds, who were circling above, dropped it, because the fish’s side was cut open, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

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“If it had hit the table instead of the ground,” Terry told the Tallahassee Democrat, “I would have had a heart attack.”

The couple still made the most of the weird situation. They took the catfish and headed to their farm in Georgia.

While fish falling from they sky might seem rare, its not. Last year a woman in Philadelphia got hit in the face with a catfish that fell from the sky.

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