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A University of Oklahoma student is lucky to be alive after he claims he was beat up after trying to stop attackers from assaulting a woman in Dallas, Texas, Fox 29 reports.

Trent Kreslins was in town for the Red River Showdown when he and his friends saw a woman getting hit by a man on Worthington Street after being out on Friday night, according to the station.

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“I turned and I said, ‘It’s not cool to hit women, man,'” he remembered saying to say to the man.

According to Kreslins, that remark got the man fired up, and that’s when he began punching him in the head. Kreslins fell to the ground and said about few more men came over to start hitting him, breaking his nose and badly injuring him.

“Holy cow, I can’t believe this is happening. Is this actually happening? You know, it was my birthday actually,” Kreslins told the station. “I was just worried that I was about to get up and my face would be broken or something.”

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Bystanders and Kreslins’ friends ran over to try and stop the men from attacking him. Kreslins was quickly transported to Baylor Hospital.

According to Fox 29, Kreslin has a rare bone disease called McCune-Albright Syndrome that causes his bones to break easily. Having had more than 20 surgeries, Kreslins has proved he’s definitely a fighter.

Kait Kreslins, Trent’s brother, shared a photo on Facebook of him giving a thumbs up from the hospital. “I’m proud to call this man my brother,” Kait wrote.

Mark Kreslins, Trent’s father, wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about the incident.

The entire post read:

Too often today, we see people spending more time videoing a crime or attack on someone instead of assisting the victim.

We’ll, I’m proud to tell you all that last night, my son Trent was one who saw a crime and instead of videoing it, took action to protect the victim. It didn’t turn out to well for him as the attached picture illustrates, but as my good friend Suzanne Littel points out, often, we’re going to be the “immediate responder” when there’s no time for the first responders to arrive. Trent was a immediate responder last night.

Celebrating his birthday last night in preparation of attending the Texas vs. OU game this afternoon, he and his friends were walking home to hit the hay. Trent observed a guy girl heated argument and initially just observed it. When the guy hit the girl, Trent knew he had to do the right thing and went to the guy to stop him and let him know “it’s not cool to hit women.”

Trent is disabled by the way, having had well over 20 surgeries, one Medi-Evac helicopter flight from our neighborhood, pancreatitis attacks, too many nights in the ER to count, constant pain, a right leg limp because of foot drop and many other struggles in life. But last night, he set that aside to defend this woman he didn’t know.

For trying to stop this attack on this women, Trent was dropped with a punch to the face needing stitches to close the wound. He was then attacked by somewhere around 10 others of this pack and he was pummeled on the ground for a few moments. His friend who was with him, Zach, was also attacked and was first to come to Trent’s aid. Many other bystanders after Trent was assaulted for doing the right thing came to his aid also. He was well cared for by the bystanders, by the para-medics, and the ER team at Baylor Medical Center. With his disability, McCune-Albright Syndrome, this could have been so much worse. So much worse and we are thanking our Lord Jesus for protecting him from the many, many punches and kicks he took.

Trent is not the kind of man who seeks attention nor applause. He’s not going to be happy I shared this. But as his father, I want to show to the world what a man can look like. Trent is a man and he showed it last night when he made his self preservation secondary to deal with something that needed to be dealt with. I am SOOOO proud of you Trent!

So, while we see the emergence of people who are more willing to video a crime or attack rather than intervene, Trent stands out as a model. Trent, you’ve made your dad, your mom, your family and your Lord and Savior Jesus very happy and proud. We love you and will help you mend…just like all the other times.

And happy strange birthday son. It’s been an interesting 23 years with you.

I thought of this verse last night Trent when I heard what you did: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” That girl that you didn’t know was your friend last night and you were willing to lay your life down for her. Well done Son!

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Kreslins “return to a normal life.”

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