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Cell phone footage shows a black mailman getting arrested by police for seemingly no reason, but it’s the story behind it that is even more disturbing.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Glen Grays was about to drop off a package during his rounds in Crown Heights in Brooklyn when he was almost sideswiped by a car while backing out of his mail truck.

According to the New York Times, the driver of the unmarked car said, “I have the right of way because I’m law enforcement.” Inside the car were four plainclothes police officers, who approached Grays as he was delivering his package. The ensuing altercation was captured on video, which shows the officers handcuffing and frisking Grays before taking him to jail.

While he was in the police car, Grays said the driver turned around to berate him and hit the car in front of him, causing Grays to slam his shoulder into the front seat. Grays was issued a summons for disorderly conduct at the police station and then released.

In his New York Times interview, Grays quoted his late grandmother, saying “the best way for a black man to become successful is to stay away from the cops, to keep a clean record,” before pointing to his fiancee. “I don’t hate cops. I’m marrying one.”

The incident is currently under review by the New York Police Department.

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