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The continuing presence of social media has reduced some dangers and created new ones, as one Houston man became aware of in a frightening story of the dangers of social media, according to KVUE.

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John Clark said that his 16-year-old daughter was being groomed by an older man to be inducted into the sexual trade, and he followed up with a harrowing story.

It started on Snapchat, the popular quick messaging app that allows users to take photos that disappear almost immediately after being viewed. Using Snapchat, the predator began to groom Clark’s daughter and then lured her to a party, where she disappeared.

Clark then went and tracked down his daughter’s captor using his own private resources, finding his daughter and her captor in a Houston apartment, where he managed to rescue his daughter.

“It’s nothing against the police,” said Clark. “It’s just they’re not set up to do that, they’re set up to slowly, methodically build an airtight case,” he added. “And in the time it would’ve taken to build an airtight case, I would’ve lost my daughter.”

Clark’s daughter is now in a rehabilitation and treatment center, and her captor is in custody and pleading guilty to promotion of prostitution to a minor. Clark has decided to use his story to try to make the response to sex-trafficking better in related cases by stiffening penalties against sex-traffickers. He has created a petition to try to create reform.

“It was completely out of left field,” said Clark.  “Never could have seen it coming.”

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