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Ruth’s Chris Steak House is probably regretting their most recent promotion regarding college football.

The Ann Arbor, Mich., location announced their “Score Big” promotion on their Facebook page one day before the Rutgers vs. University of Michigan game on Saturday.

The promotion would allow customers to receive a discount, “equal to the final winning point differential,” off their entire bill, excluding alcohol.

Little did they know Michigan would completely destroy Rutgers, 78-0.

Ruth’s Chris then edited their Facebook post, giving customers a 50 percent off cap.

Many people took notice of the Facebook edit and had a lot to say.

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Matthew Bassler said, “Gotta love that they set this up the day before the Rutgers game and then have to take back their rules and cap it.” Justin Losey, “Lol, not enough balls to go 78% off huh?”

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Ruth’s Chris did respond to Bassler’s comment and said, “Matthew Bassler apologies the discount cap at 50% was not clear in this initial post. This amazing promotion was launched with a cap of “up to 50% off” the food portion of the bill and we’ve updated this post to reflect that.”

Sadly, for anyone wanting to take them up on the offer, the Ann Arbor location is booked until Thursday, when the offer ends, according to the Facebook post.

But don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to score this deal the rest of the college football season if Michigan wins!

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