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Several women came forward recently to accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual assault and misconduct, including now 74-year-old Jessica Leeds who told the New York Times that Trump had assaulted her nearly three decades ago on a flight.

During a Wednesday segment on CNN, Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson offered an explanation in an attempt to debunk the accusation. However, her reasoning was so elaborate that The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart couldn’t help but laugh.

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Pierson swore that Trump could not have raised the armrest and put his hand up Leeds’ skirt and on her breasts because of various airplane facts that she had on hand.

“We’re talking about the early 1980s, Don. Seriously, back then, you had planes, what, a DC 9, DC 10, an MD-80, a 707, and maybe an L011?” she asked. Beinart attempted to keep his composure.

Pierson defended herself despite his laughter. “And this is what’s important” — she had acknowledge that the flight was on its way to New York — “We can ex out the LC 11 and the DC 10. Guess what? The first-class seats have fixed armrests!”

With that, Pierson concluded Leeds was either lying about being groped by Trump or had been groped by someone else in another part of the plane on account of the armrests.

“Okay, one down, eleven to go,” Beinart joked. Trump had been accused of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior by twelve women.

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