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In Mason County, Mich., a story of worry turned into one of triumph, as a boy who was lost was found, all thanks to a special dog.

A boy with autism became lost near his house in nearby Victory Township, where his mother made a 911 call to the local police, and then police received another call from a woman several miles away reporting a child in her yard.

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The story continues from there, as police and the search for the boy began, with the known dangers being rivers and ponds, as they can be lethal and tempting to curious children.

After 45 minutes of searching, the police dog, a Dutch Shepherd named Cash, found the scent and led the police officers to the lost boy, who was completely safe, but frightened of the police officers, only seeming to bond with Cash.

Using Cash, the police managed to lead the boy to his home, and got the boy back into the arms of his mother, who is happy that the police and their K-9 Unit have managed to reunite the mother and son and that everyone seems to be all right.

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