Former Drake University athletic trainer Scott Kerr is out of a job. The reason? Kerr took a leak in a tub where the athletes take ice baths.

According to WHOTV, the trainer, who was with the school for 31 years, “was cleaning out a metal whirlpool (tub)…when he had a sudden urge to urinate.”

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Kerr claimed he has a medical condition that forces him to drink large amounts of water, and his enlarged prostate increases his urges to urinate. He also said in a statement that he was offered a one-month severance package for all his years of service and that he doesn’t believe that is appropriate.

Kerr’s attorneys have filed a complaint with the civil rights commission, saying that it’s not okay to fire somebody because of a medical condition.

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Apparently, when Kerr told his boss about the incident, she responded that it was inappropriate and related a time that “she herself urinated in her pants in an airport while on Drake business and told me I should have done the same thing.” He also said that he cleaned out the tub with bleach (after he cleaned it out with pee, which, according to the Smithsonian, is not sterile).

A university athletic trainer just got fired for the most absurd reason imaginable WHOTV/screenshot
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