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When booking a hotel room, some people have special requests they’d like staff to fulfill.

“May I have a box of chocolates for the love of my life. A cat is fine too,” a woman named “Meg The Phenomenal” wrote in the comments section online while booking the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville East in Kentucky.

Not only did hotel fulfill her request, they did it in the best way possible.

The Hilton Garden Team put a photo of a cat and a note with pieces of chocolate on a nightstand that read, “Thank you for choosing the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville East! We hope you live everything you need. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.”

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Tony Gagnon posted the photos to Imgur with the title, “Hilton Garden Inn, Louisville East has won my business forever.”

Tony Gagnon/Imgur Screenshot
Tony Gagnon/Imgur Screenshot
Tony Gagnon/Imgur Screenshot

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Well done, Hilton Garden Inn Louisville East.

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