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A disturbing 911 tape that has been released appears to chronicle the moments in which Chris Corley beat his wife, and his children begged for him to stop. Corley is a Republican state representative in South Carolina. He was elected in 2014 and has a law office in Augusta, Georgia.

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The Washington Post reported that Corley threatened to kill his wife while his two children were looking on. The police report states that he “went out to his vehicle, came back with a handgun and pointed it at his wife and threatened to kill himself.”

The incident occurred on Monday evening, and Corley was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with first-degree domestic violence. Corley has been a staunch old-style Republican for his brief career. In July of 2015, he said that if the Confederate flag were to be taken down from the state capital, it should be replaced with a “white flag of surrender.”

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The 36-year-old lawmaker represents South Carolina’s 84th district. An Associated Press report states that Corley’s bond was set at $20,000. He will likely be banned from carrying a firearm as South Carolina has imposed strict penalties on domestic violence criminals.

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