TEXARKANA, Ark. — Just call it a post-Thanksgiving miracle.

According to KSLA-TV, an 8-month-old baby survived being ejected from a car in a crash in Arkansas on Friday.

KSLA reported that the crash happened on I-30 in Texarkana. When emergency officials arrived, family members said they couldn’t find their baby.

A good Samaritan who was helping search heard something coming from a pile of hay, KSLA reported.

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As they started to dig, they found the baby sitting on a storm grate, looking up at the rescuers.

“She wasn’t screaming; she wasn’t crying, was just sitting there waiting for us,” said firefighter Josh Moore.

She was immediately checked out by EMTs, and all she had was a scratch on her forehead.

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“There had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being OK the way she was,” Moore said.

Police said they believe an 18-wheeler clipped the family’s car, which is what caused the crash. The car seat was found outside the car and was not properly installed nor was the child properly restrained at the time of the crash. However, no citations were given, KSLA reported.

A baby was thrown from a car during a horrific crash — where rescuers found the little one is truly a miracle @KSLA/Twitter Screenshot