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Mark McGrath, long time singer of the ’90s rock band “Sugar Ray,” spent several weeks on the sixth season of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” before he was fired. While in D.C., McGrath recently weighed in on the president-elect and the campaign that Trump ran over the past year. He said, “The rhetoric I saw him use in the campaign is not the Trump I knew.”

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The frontman told The Hill that he got to know Donald Trump quite well, saying, “I spent eight hours in a room with Gary Busey and President-elect Trump. So I think the weirdest thing in the world is that he’s president now.” He also said that he “never saw violations of any sort” while he was on the show — Trump has been attacked by many former beauty pageant contestants who say he walked into the dressing rooms while they were in various states of undress.

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McGrath described Trump as a “nice guy,” saying, “I got fired, and he took the time the next day to sit me down in his office and say ‘Mark, anything you need.'”

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