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A Florida man got the shock of his life when a 6-foot snake came out from underneath the hood of his car during rush hour on Monday, WTSP reports.

Driver Tim Mokwa, of Dunedin was on U.S. 19 when the slimy, giant snake came slithering out, directly into his view. At first he saw its face, then the entire length of the snake.

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“My windows were down and, he did almost get inside the window. I rolled it up just in time,” Mokwa told WTSP.

Luckily, Mokwa was able to stop at Walmart parking lot close by to get out of his car, and even captured video of the reptile.

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“In situations like that, flipping out is exactly what you don’t want to do,” said Mokwa. “The best thing you can do it just remain calm.”

Shortly after, the snake slid back down into the hood of the car, and Mokwa says it could very well be crawling inside somewhere.

His girlfriend has not set foot back into the car, but Mokwa told the station he closed the air vents just in case the snake should make another appearance next time he drives.

“Hopefully he’s just out here in the bushes somewhere just living a new life,” Mokwa told WTSP.

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