A mother furious that her daughter, who she identifies as her son, had started male-to-female sex reassignment treatment without her permission is suing the 17-year-old.

Annmarie Calgaro claims that her parental rights have been infringed. She filed the lawsuit against her daughter and several agencies and healthcare providers who helped facilitate the sex-change process without her knowledge. She said she was not informed or consulted about the treatments before they started.

The teen, who is identified in the lawsuit as J.D.K, does not live with her mother. Their relationship, apparently, broke down because of the teen’s gender identity crisis. The mother claims Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Clinic helped J.D.K. file an emancipation statement in court in 2015. It states the teenager’s mother “made it known to him that she no longer wishes to have any contact with him” and that she “knows where he is and has made no attempts to bring him home.”

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J.D.K. apparently ran away from home, and Calgaro did not report her child as missing even six months later, according to the teen.

In Minnesota, a minor who is not living with its parent, and is managing its own finances, has the right to give consent to personal medical procedures. Calgaro refuted the claims about her relationship with her child.

Calgaro wants her parental rights returned and is challenging the state law that allows a minor to obtain medical services and treatment without parental approval.

She said she’s not opposed to the gender transition, but she just wants the teen, who turns 18 in June, to “slow down.”

A Minnesota mom is suing her transgender daughter for starting sex change without her approval Court gavel/CHRIS MAYNARD
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