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Sid Bowdidge, a 60-year-old Trump supporter who was recently appointed to a position at the Department of Energy, was let go this week after some salacious bits of his past were revealed online.

Bowdidge appears to be the man behind a series of tweets that disparaged Muslims sent from an account bearing his name in 2015.

In one post, Bowdidge called to exterminate all Muslims and opined that they were “scum sucking maggots of the world.” Bowdidge was responding to the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

Elsewhere, Bowdidge referred to members of the Islamic faith as pieces of shit and implied that former President Barack Obama was a radical Muslim.

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BuzzFeed News also uncovered an old add on pseudo-escort site,, that appears to show Bowdidge once offered up his skills as a massage therapist on the website.

All of this ultimately added up to his dismissal from the Department of Energy, which was confirmed by BuzzFeed News.

‚ÄúNormally, we do not comment on personnel matters. In this case, we can confirm that Sid Bowdidge is no longer employed at the Department of Energy,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

Bowdige joins a long list of employees who have been fired for saying hateful things on the internet in recent months.

In July, a Michigan financial loan officer was fired from her job after she referred to former first lady Michelle Obama as an “ugly white bitch.”

Bowdidge’s Twitter has since been made private.

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